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We, the community of faith of First Church Melbourne, have created this covenant as a behavioral guideline integrating the principles and teachings of the Holy Scripture.  As signers of this covenant, we commit our hearts and spirits to make every effort to work together for the glory of God.

In Ministry Together

As we strive to live our mission of “Loving God and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World,” we will pray for each other in all circumstances and lean into the Fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

How will the pastors treat the community of faith?

We, the pastors, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will strive to pray, encourage, listen, respect, appreciate and inspire.  We will nurture spiritual growth, holding each other accountable, valuing opinions, including communicating openly when possible and offering honesty, compassion and forgiveness.  We will seek to lead by example, shepherd with humor, loyalty, kindness and an enthusiastic, positive spirit.  We will seek to acknowledge concerns, respond in a timely manner and set clear direction for God’s church, understanding the personal time constraints of our congregation.  We will strive to treat all people with dignity, creating genuine, lasting relationships built on love, loyalty, humility and patience.

How will the community of faith treat each other?

We, the community of faith of First Church, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will treat each other with compassion and respect.  We will seek to offer encouragement and support and hold each other accountable through open communication, honesty and understanding.  We will strive to honor each other’s time, actively listen to one another and be open to new ideas.  We will seek to affirm and value each other’s gifts and talents, interacting with love, empathy, cooperation, forgiveness, trust and positive attitudes.

How will we treat our pastors?

We, the community of faith of First Church, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will strive to treat our pastors with respect, loyalty, affirmation, support, and understanding.  We will pray for them and seek to be truthful, loving, encouraging, and respectful of their time.  We will seek to communicate efficiently, offer help, trust their leadership, be accountable, seek their feedback and honor their call by God and them as our spiritual leaders.  We will seek to be complimentary, encouraging, and respectful of their privacy, remembering their human limitations and need for realistic expectations.  We will strive to create relationships built on love and confidentiality.

How will we handle problems and differences?

We, the community of Faith of First Church Melbourne with the help of the Holy Spirit, will deal with conflict in a peaceful and respectful manner.  We will seek to pray for guidance and wisdom, taking responsibility for our part of the conflict.  We will strive to communicate openly and honestly, addressing the issue and not the person and seek counsel if a resolution cannot be reached.   We will speak face to face in an appropriate setting and respect the privacy and confidentiality of our conversations.  We will seek to offer forgiveness and once a decision is made, we will seek to support the outcome with unity of spirit and action.